Here are some testimonials from some of our  beautiful ambassadors

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“Being a part of the YEZ ambassador program is truly a wonderful experience. It’s about being who you really are without a care. No judgements. To me, being an ambassador helps me to spread love and creativity amongst people who also don’t feel like their style fits in with the “normal society” I want the people to be able to be who they are and wear whatever they want and not feel like they have to hide. YEZ is for people to embrace their individuality and even make friends with the same interests. I’m grateful to be a part of something so special.”

- Sammi Curtis

“I support YEZ because out of all the ambassador programmes, there isn't one with a better initiative than YEZ! Being part of YEZ isn't just about selling clothes it's about being part of a family and something bigger than ourselves. And that in itself is reason enough.”

-TJ Harichand

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“I joined the YEZ team because not only do I find the YEZ clothing vibrant and fun, I also joined because I believe that the YEZ team are a family who encourage acceptance and put emphasis on truly being yourself. YEZ as a brand has a strong sense of self love and that resonates with me.”

- Kriska Liebenberg

“I was interested in YEZ off the bat because of the positive message they are trying to promote. I decided to become an ambassador because YEZ wants people to be able to express themselves through their style and clothing. As a multi-media artist i relate to this heavily. I love to express myself through painting, drawing, dancing, crafting, and prop manipulation as well as my clothing that i wear every day! This is something that everyone should not feel any negative thoughts about. If you want to wear something that you vibe with then you should do it! The ambassador program is a great way to help eachother all out, from earning commission to helping spread each other’s message and art. I have had such a great experience with YEZ from the start. Gabz and Ant even took the time out of their day to schedule a video chat... That ended up being longer than we expected but neither of us were mad but it goes to show how personable and caring they are about their ambassadors and their company!”

- Madeleine Layhue
@dosed_artbymaddie & @raynebow_spinz

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“I support YEZ because their mission is so positive & uplifting. I’m so happy to be apart of something so awesome. I chose to be an ambassador for YEZ, because unlike other companies they go out of their way to have a very personal connection with me! They truly care about me and things that go on in my life, and I feel the same about them!”

- Sophie Seay

“I admire the YEZ Ambassador Program for it’s creativity approach to the standard Multi-Level Marketing strategy. I appreciate the creative freedom it’s ambassadors have in content creation and communication. The Your Expression Zone mission statement and my personal mission statement align, and that is why I support YEZ. YEZ embodies creative expression, self-growth and positive vibes. I’m all about that, too.”

- Cassidy Shear

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“The brand ambassador program is more than fair, fun and rewarding! not only am I connecting with other ambassadors & people around the world but I already feel like i’m apart of a family and that’s more important to me than a discount on their (amazing) clothes! (although that is a barry bonus). I support YEZ because how could you not? They stand for individuality, strength, positivity, creativity, good vibes and change! Who doesn’t need all of those things in your life?! And to top it off it is run by the most genuine, beautiful souls, Gabz & Anty. <3 I decided to become an ambassador because I needed to! I wanted to be involved in their big change and plans! The YEZ tribe is a bond and a support to anyone who wants/needs it! I just want to spread more love around the place because life can be so dark, and having that little support can lift anyone into the light! Self expression through clothing is so important and something i’ve been doing for a long time (once I got out of the fear of what people think) life’s too short not to be who you want to be and YEZ defines that. <3”

- Jade Donkin


“I have been a sponsored flow artist for a couple of months now, and until YEZ, I honestly have yet to find a small business as authentic and personable. I whole heartedly support the YEZ mission of self expression and spreading kindness, as well as the collective effort to make an impact on the world around us. Anthony and Gabriella practice what they preach and it is so evident within just a couple minutes of meeting them. I felt as an artist and a flow artist, there was no better team to join to work towards my own goals of expressing myself and helping others do the same. YEZ was a great fit for me not only because of the people, but because of the great movements I will be able to be a part of on this team.”

- Emma Nudelman

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“Working with the YEZ team has been such a warm experience from the very start, and I am so thankful to have been invited to join their passionate movement! Ant & Gab work endlessly to support causes that they care deeply about and promote messages of love and positivity through their company, and that is a mindset and mission that I stand behind. YEZ is not just a clothing company, but a movement for spreading love, global awareness, and acceptance!”

- Megan Kelleher


“I joined the YEZ ambassadorship program because I truly believe in their mission to empower others and the world to truly be themselves. It's more than clothing, it's about expressing yourself and sharing your unique self to world—and then empowering others to do the same. What I found on the other side was an incredible group of movers, shakers and supporters who are there for you just as much as you are for them. It truly is an uplifting and inspiring community. If you'd like to connect with me on Instagram, I'm @accio_hoop as well as @luckydogmailclub.”

- Kayla Hutchinson
@accio_hoop & @luckydogmailclub


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“I love this ambassador program. It’s organized, yet laid back which I love. This is because it makes me feel like I’m my own person and can create my own social media identity separate from YEZ, however, there are simple things that I can do to include YEZ in my posts. Most importantly, I love all the other souls involved with this program. Everyone seems to have a goal of helping spread love to the world and that’s the most I could ever ask for from anyone. It’s so uplifting reading the messages from ambassadors because we are all on the same beautiful mission. It is also such a pleasure to work with Ant and Gabs because their energy is so pure and positive and I feel supported 100%. I support this company because it’s more than a company. I’ve actually been waiting for something like this. I don’t want to “work for” something that is simply work. My purpose on this earth is to do more than work so whatever I put my time in has to be more than that. I love that this is a movement to improve the Earth we live on and all the beings we share it with. I also love “YOUR EXPRESSION ZONE” because I always try to make whatever space I’m sharing with someone to be a place where we can all express ourselves fully. I decided to be an ambassador because I fully believe in the beautiful mission of this company and I want to watch it grow. <3”

- Fjorda Jusufi


“Hey guys! My name is Caroline and I am so excited to be apart of the YEZ team. I was first introduced to the YEZ ambassador program through an advertisement on Instagram. I decided to ask one of the current ambassadors if she liked it or not and all she had to say were good things so I decided to give it a try. During my interview, Gabriella and Anthony were seriously so genuine, sincere, and passionate about their work. I decided that I wanted to be apart of a team that seriously wishes you the best and hopes to be able to watch and grow with you.”

- Caroline Lee

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“I love being an ambassador for YEZ, the way they take care of their ambassadors and the supportive loving community they managed to create is just really special! They always have an open ear for our concerns, problems and ideas, not only YEZ related but also personal ones. I love their philosophy of empowering individuals to express themselves, to express who they really are, to be bold to be seen and to share their most valuable gift for the world -> to be themselves...we need more of that…”

- Manuela Lucia


“I became an ambassador because I love YEZ and everything they stand for. I'm a huge believer in spreading positive energy and loving everyone for truly who they are. YEZ allows everyone to do just that, and they have created a one of a kind community filled with love.”

- Ella Griego

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“I am currently an ambassador for the YEZ Brand and clothing products. I would like to start off and say it feels amazing to help and spread the clothing all around the world and the meanings behind it to for who and what reason a person might buy it for. I'd love to help spread this amazing brand and the love it comes with it as I hope to make other people happy on their choices and with the help I give. This brand has giving me amaxing vibes and comfort and is a wonderful thing to experience. I had completed a photoshoot in delta park and all I can say its not just a brand or company or money making business , it is a family of friends and amazing vibes that come from it and it all has an amazing reason behind it and that I'd also why I'd love to help spread the vibes. I definitely think being a YEZ embassador is worth everything because it is fun and enjoyable and suited for my own comfort and many other ambassadors comfort.”

- Tyron Benjamin


“Be unapologetically you. Your uniqueness makes you shine! Being a part of the YEZ tribe is a dream come true! I never expected to be embraced for my individuality or constantly spreading uplifting positivity! My goal is to empower the kooky wild child in all of us & encourage others to embody light, love, & color! With our unique souls we can make a difference in embracing self love by displaying our colorful personalities & spreading happy vibes!”

- Jordan Riccio

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“The YEZ ambassador program is simply amazing. YEZ cares about their ambassadors and does everything possible to support and benefit them. I support YEZ because they are more than just a brand, they are a movement that spreads positivity and empowers people to be themselves. I believe YEZ is being the change this world needs! I decided to be a YEZ ambassador because I share their values and goals. I also believe in the power of the individual and being an ambassador is a great way to share this. Not to mention, YEZ’s clothes are simply beautiful!”

- Madeleine Remont


“I support YEZ because they give back. They want to work with other people to make life a little better for everyone involved and around us. I enjoy the ambassador program because I can help them spread the message, that you can be whoever you want. And that when you wear their clothes it is the right step in that direction by showing that you don't have to be like everyone else.”

- CheyAnn Gooslin


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“Why did I join YEZ? The content that you share, the clothes that you sell and the movement behind your brand is everything that I stand for, respect and love! I have been looking around for brands to join that are aligned with my message and brand and until I found you guys, there was nothing out there with the same vibe!. I feel that the ambassador program is really easy to work with, no serious boundaries, no pressing deadlines either. If there is 1 thing I hate, it is being micromanaged! I can't wait to grow with the brand and help the brand grow! I am truly passionate about making the world a better place and making sure that people take care of their mental health and self-love because someone who truly loves themselves, doesn't want to cause harm to anything around them! So if we all really love ourselves then life will be a blast!”

- Kyla Goncalves


“The ambassador program through Your Expression Zone has a lot of potential in the way of being mutually beneficial, and offers by far more than any other ambassador program I work with. I Support Your expression zone for alot of reasons, but I'd have to say the biggest reason is that I know that they do the research to make sure all of they're clothing is ethically sourced. I decided to become an ambassador officially after our video call, all of my questions and concerns were answered honestly, and without being downplayed”

- Tempest Faa

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“YEZ is hands down my favorite brand to wear. The immediate confidence boost when wearing an outfit is huge! I’ve never worn such comfortable and stylish clothes, all while expressing myself in the upmost fashion. The quality is unlike anything you will find around ( soft, strong, breathable, and unique). The prices are so fair and customer service is quick and easy! Not only does YEZ help each individual show their true colors and boost confidence, but they help the environment by planting a tree for every order placed!! I can’t wait to see how this company spreads their message globally! Go express yourself!”

- Logan Yeager

“I have officially been a proud brand ambassador for Your Expression Zone for a year now, and what a phenomenal year it has been! From starting out with helping Anthony and Gabby strategize plans for the foundation of Your Expression Zone to organizing and operating photo shoots to modeling in Your Expression Zone clothing to marketing and building not only the brand but the message of self expression through clothing! I have learned so much about myself through my past year with Your Expression Zone. I cannot wait to learn so much more, as well as to connect with and mentor all of our wonderful new brand ambassadors! Thank you Your Expression Zone for being such an Awesome Family to me this year! I couldn’t be more grateful and excited for next year!”

- Suehela Scallan
@sue_scallan & @yezambassador_sue

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“How I feel about ambassador program: Being a part of the YEZ tribe is seriously a blessing. It’s like a family, just a big group of beautiful souls who are not only turning into friends but are always there to lift you up and give you positivity when you it! YEZ is such an amazing brand because they aren’t just your average “fast fashion” online shops you see these days, they are ACTUALLY putting in the work making an impact and creating such a positive light in this world.”

- Taylor Cannard

“I love being an ambassador for YEZ since signing up I've recieved nothing but love and support not only from Gab & Ant but the ambassador group itself. We're here to spread love and positivity something our world needs more of. Just feel so blessed to be apart of a movement so beautiful.”

- Casidee Linder

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