We are trying to go for a more greener lifestyle (we are getting there slowly, but surely) and we are doing the best with what we have so far.

Our planet is crying out for help and we have decided to take it upon ourselves to show her some love and care; and hopefully YOU WILL TOO!

We have partnered with an amazing non-profit organization called ONE TREE PLANTED, that is reforesting the earth for just 1$ a tree.

With every purchase you make we will donate 1$, and as soon as we become more sustainable as a brand, we will make it 1$ for every item sold on a sale of 3 or more items. 

You can read more about One Tree Planted and their mission below, as well as the process of how they use 1$ to plant a tree.

You can also visit their website at https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/about-us if you are interested in learning more or joining the cause. :)